“Psychotherapy:  the art of healing, personal growth, and fulfillment.”

Psychotherapy is essentially a modern word for the ancient art of mental/emotional/ spiritual healing and integration – which we used to know was all the same thing.  In some ways it has come a long way: we have tremendously concise therapeutic processes that can help heal in ways that have been considered miraculous in the past.  But in other ways, modern therapy has ignored a lot of the wisdom traditions that have helped us for centuries.  I hope that in my work we can use the best of both old and new worlds.

For me this is both science and art – like a violin concerto is a mix of mathematical accuracy that is studied and trained and perfected, but is also equally an adaptive, present-moment expression of the unique conditions of that person and place and experience.

How all this manifests depends entirely on the person.  I work primarily with the nameable tools of IFS, ACT, body-centered Mindfulness and The Work of Byron Katie, and explorations from the Kashmiri Tantra tradition.  However, all of this occurs in the nondual reality of our shared being.  How the nondual gets brought into the session may be explicit, if that is a language that works for you, but it may also just be implicit in the felt lack of separation or resistance that I hold as we do ‘other’ work.  You may be working to heal Depression and Anxiety, or you may be trying to find out what is precisely the obstacle that prevents you from whatever you think is enlightenment.  In either case, the work is not too different.  Different content, same context.  I’m here to guide and facilitate the healing that comes from inside you.  As if there were any place else!

At this point, I have worked in hospitals, addiction centers and therapy clinics for so many years that I think I can safely say I can work with any disorder or problem.  We are all made of the same stuff, and our issues are all likewise made of the same psychological mechanics.  The deeper you go, the more surprisingly simple it all gets.

I’m keen to work primarily with those who have had some therapy, who have tasted a  bit of the reality that is bigger than their own sense of self, and who deeply want to heal, grow, and expand into places that are not conventionally supported.  And though I do not prescribe the use of plant medicines, I am happy to support your experiences and help you make sense of and integrate the shifts they may facilitate in you.

It all gets lighter, full of grace, and astonishingly fun as you go.  I think this is the greatest job in the world. It might be the only job in the world.

If this resonates with you and you are interested in working together, please email me with a bit of information about yourself, and we’ll go from there.