Living As God versions


Living as God was originally published in 2005 is was revised for a 2nd edition in 2012;  it is since out of print. 

This book posits that God, being one, includes you. And this book tries to not just write about this theory, but write from this perspective.  From the very beginning, you are challenged to accept that you too are the author of this book.

Living as God asks us to see that the divine, in every culture and religion, has always been inside us, and not “out there”.  In this book we are asked to consider that whatever the word God points to – it is none other than our deepest Self.  

It’s nothing special. God isn’t a being.  It is just the name for Being itself.   It’s the most natural thing there could is.  When we let go of the fictions of identity, we notice that we are pure awareness, and that this awareness is already everything, and always will be.

I like to tell people these days that although I stand by the core ideas in this book, I believe I did not express them in a very grounded or integrated language.  If you are interested in my ideas currently, you’re likely better off with the poetry found in this blog.  Nonetheless, it’s there if you want to try to find it.  And hopefully, maybe, I’ll have something else to share before too long.  



“…genuine insights expressed with clarity and simplicity. There is much that is true and beautiful… It is a lovely evocation of the first spiritual law of Oneness.” — Paul Ferrini, author of The Laws of Love and The Power of Love, December 2004

“After reading Living as God, I was left stunned, literally silenced. This is…Truth that can no longer be denied.” — Wendy Sobieski – Spiritual Counselor, Edmonton, Alberta, January 2005

“For those who are ready and have ears to hear, Living as God is a…sacred text for Spiritual transformation.” — Carolyn Craft, Spiritual Radio Show Producer/Host – WISDOM RADIO, Wytheville, VA, December 2004

“Living as God contains the next step for those who are…awakening,..a great first step for those just beginning.” — Dr. Stephen L. Summers – Healer/Chiropractor, Austin, Texas, October 2004

“Living as God is a most sacred text for Spiritual transformation…thus opening our heart and mind to new perspectives” — Carolyn Craft, Spiritual Radio Show Producer/Host – WISDOM RADIO, Wytheville, VA, January 2005

“Living as God is a wonderful, compelling and insightful journey into one’s transformation. It’s irresistible and refreshing in it’s approach.” — Pam Sonicx – Writer/Director, Toronto, Ontario, December 2004

“Living as God takes us on a journey into the remembrance of the One Author of all that is…” — Michael Brown – Writer and facilitator of The Presence Process, Johannesburg, South Africa, January 2005


  • Hardcover: 190 pages
  • Publisher: Namasté Publishing (January 15, 2005)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0973651201
  • Available for purchase online through Amazon or Namaste Publishing.