21 February 2024

You can’t argue with gravity.

Though some people try.

You step off the edge, it will take you. 

You fall into it.

You need it for every step you take

But some like to conquer it,

To pretend to understand.

But when it is strong enough,

Like a black hole, nothing escapes. 

Invisible and blinding,

Pulling us all to our ground.

Every movement is either a fight, or a surrender.

And even if we force a way up and out of our sphere,

Further and more remote,

To isolation of dead space,

Which we both crave and fear,

Do we seem safe from its pull.

But it is still there, waiting for the next speck

To land on our clean black page.   

Drawing us together.

Winning, every time.

Love is Gravity. 



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