Whispers of Garrison

13 May 2018

The first night after this most recent retreat week spent with Rupert Spira, I was awakened in the middle of the night with a faint voice, that seemed to be coming from outside of my own consciousness, telling me something important.  The words were clear, and there was a faint image of Rupert accompanying them. And after the message, I am glad that I had the feeling that I very much needed to record this – as there was no way I’d remember it by morning.  So I reached for my phone and recorded the following words:


A line was made clear between him and the sea.

The circus had died down, and gone were all the lonely people. 

I suspect I know a bit of what this means, but not entirely.  I keep reflecting on it and it feels relevant and cryptic and poetic but somehow obvious.  I know that it gives my heart great reassurance.  It is in alignment with a powerful experience that I had the 2nd day of the retreat, after which my night of dreams was sewn with a thread throughout – that had the song “homeward bound” (Simon & Garfunkel, of course!) meandering through it.

Certainly, this teaching is home.  Or if nothing else, it is helping me to feel that home.



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