All for thought.

9 December 2018

All is for nothing
All is for now.
Nothing but now
For now is all.

We the contained, the end of which never,
But tethered to every cell of skin,
And woven into every string of seeing.
Experience, like a backdrop to the
First thoughts of god.
The lived moment – the orb of all eternity,
Call to us wherever we are.

And notice the show is all there is –
Awareness – which makes all things.
The silent partner that does it all,
Runs the show and acts out all the parts.

I believed once,
So fully, that I was a flower,
That I was a flower,
For it too began believing it was me.
And I had to wait patiently until it had finally
Forgotten this.

When they no longer have memory
Of who they sometimes are,
That is when I am able to see myself clearly again.
You are the pollen of the last flower on earth –
Potent and crucial.
A hinge of the universe,
Without which the stars could not exist.
I could not breathe if one of your atoms
Goes missing.

Everything is necessary.
And no one is left out.

I fade into the foliage of the common,
The most boring thing on the planet –
Nothing of myself but the pulse of the living moment –
Of life –
of that which we’ve called God.
The simple rest in peace,
That comes when you no longer

any future.


Be what you are.

And just notice.



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