Tea in the Sarah

28 August 2019

I waited for her like tea in the Sahara –

A longing melody from my youth.

Returning seasons to see

If she’d meet me there.

We had a sip, once,

But it had not steeped

And the thin water too hot,

So we left it to cool,

But the wind took it too.


The Sahara was of my searching,

And she, an oasis revealed.

Shimmering like a promise,

To wash my old sorrows.

Sometimes we mistake dunes for waves

And see the desert as an ocean.

But that is the timeless soul

Seeing something that was a million years ago.


What surprise, when I finally arrived

On your vanishing shore,

To have you pour me a cup of dirt –

And free me of my illusions

with your offer of nothing.

I had been wringing rocks, hoping for a spring.

But I was right –

Your barren sands have cleansed me –

Of my nomadic search.

For truly seeing where I stand,

I learned that

Wells wait wetly

When we dig beneath dry land.




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