Self Sung

6 November 2019

I went looking for myself
Went looking for myself
I went looking for a self,
But none was ever found.

I went looking for myself
Went looking for a self
We went looking for our self,
But self is all we found.

Rocks and raindrops –
Only self.
Sounds and sightlines,
Only self.
Pain and pleasure-
Only self.

I went looking for myself.
Went looking for a self
The I went looking for itself
Like trying to see your own eyes.

There is nothing but the self.
There is no one but the self.
When you go looking for a self,
You leave your self behind.

My misery mistake,
Was trying to be someone.
But when you put forth effort,
You lose track of what you are.

We think our essence is not enough,
Mistaking silence for loss,
But I have fallen into a clear sky
And found the empty ecstatic.

Knowing this, this, this is heaven –
Is the very end.
How ironic!
That what we want
Is the absolute zero
On the scale of all effort.

We went looking for the self.
Looking for a self
Always looking for a self-
But the self is that which looks.







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