If They Ask

28 December 2019

If they ask, tell them i didn’t miss a thing.

I didn’t do all there is to do,

But i did everything that i did.

I saw golden green leaves sway in the drifts of dusk,

And I ate some excellent meals,

And many forgettable ones

That only the stars on the other side still see.

I tasted every colour and it made a seamless gown of my life.

I touched, and was touched, by people, by things, by ideas.

And i heard, oh, i heard music in ways you can’t know without using my whole body and mind as the ear.

And it was enough.


It’s ok that it’s over.

I didn’t do even all the things i wished.

I never saw Uluru.

But i didn’t miss a thing.

It doesn’t have to be in me,

If it’s in you.

Hug me, drink me, take me in,

And we’ll share the feast.

Everywhere is just nowhere in disguise.

And every one of us

Is a shape of nothing.

In the end,

When all is taken away,

We see that what remains is empty,

And that is why it can say yes to everything.


If they ask,

Tell them that you don’t miss me,

Because i was never here.

All that was done was done,

But not by me.

My face was drenched with tears,

but I swear that you are the wetness.

I loved you –  oh, i loved you all so much!

It would make a person blush.

(But not the trees. The leaves and critters know my love)

I loved it all.

The depth and the height –

The shape and the shadow,

And that is how

I have not missed a thing.





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