A Man Who Has Silence

28 January 2020

A man who has silence

Is a good man.

He is a strong man.

He is an honest man.

He’s a salt of the earth man.


A man who has silence

Doesn’t need much,

But takes care of what he has,

And doesn’t do anything rashly.


A man who has silence

Is no longer afraid –

Not of others,

Nor of the future,

Nor of the self,

That he finds in the gap.


A man who knows silence

Has nothing to defend.

So he has absolute dignity,

And sees that nothing is outside him.

So he has true humility.


A man who has silence

Can listen to wisdom,

Of strange people and places.

He doesn’t need to impose himself on the world.


A man who is silence,

Sees a seamless world

And is utterly one with all things.

Because we are made

Of the same stillness.


We are silence,

in motion,

Looking for itself

In the noise of its own movement.



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