Inside Out

12 April 2020


I have been turned inside out.

What I thought was far

Is nearer than right here.

What I thought would take forever

Is already present

What I thought was outside me

Is inside so deep

That it pops out the other side

Like a moebius thought.

I was waiting for the clouds to pass

To see the sky.

I was waiting for the movie to end

To see the screen.

April grass shoots,

As alive and vibrant as the stone or snow.

All music made of the same stillness.

We are already

All that we could be,

And I have no effort left

To push against the air.

I look into your eyes

And instead of seeing you,

There is only us,

And there has only ever been.


Nothing has ever really happened.

I am treading water,

And walking on the spot.

I do not move through the world,

The world does not move through me –

Nothing moves but thought.

We are the unmoved mover.

In every second, everything folds up into the same place

A dream goes upon waking,

The ouroboros faster than light.

Collapsing upon ourself eternally,

A quantum foam,

A holy explosion,

Seething like the inside of a sun,

That is inside every dull atom,

Loud and clear,

But hidden in the mind that looks for it.

The serene, same Self in it all.

What a relief to be saved

From trying to be anything else.



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