A Constant Celebration of Love

11 July 2020

Give me truth, or give me nothing.

Give me love, or give me death.

Give me beauty, or there is no point in it at all.

In reality you don’t have a choice,

Either way,

There is still just the one thing, every way.

You cannot cause me to leave heaven,

And I refuse to go.

I can still come to your party,

But please note that I reserve the right

To keep one foot out the door,

Breathing the fresh air of our natural home.

I will not buy the future being sold –

You can keep it.

Ripples on the water move forwards and back in the same breath.

The empty room is enough.

You can come and go as you like – no need for chairs.

I went under the basement,

I ate the crust and burned the box,

Through the sun’s heart to the other side,

Until there was nobody clinging to the surface.

And we floated, inverted and free.

Unhappiness is just a lie

That we’ve convinced ourselves.

Every suffering thought is untrue.

Find out how things really are

And the vast loneliness pops like

A corn kernel in a nuclear blast –

Meaning to nothing at all –

And finally we trust the truth and

Never again doubt there could be something


Or cleaner.

Give your sin

Back to God.

You don’t need to understand any more.

Your measuring stick became a crutch,

(And wobbly at that).

Cast it out from your own vision

And see the divide it made between us.

There is nothing to do this afternoon.

And never was or will be.

Hell is just motion,

That does not know rest.

Sorrow is trying to make

Something from nothing

And thinking it stays solid.


You are sitting with me.

Watching ducks ride the current.

It is all shared

And nothing was ever lost.

I reach down and hand you a coin

Forgotten and found on the floor of your beliefs,

And when i touch your hand the lights go off.

A cartoon flood of impossible wealth.

How could we ever spend it?

Maybe with you.

Maybe in connection and contraction

Again and again.

Grinding and grinning,

Scowling and scoffing –

All of it.

Like two hands, arrowed in relief

In a night without colour.

I don’t even need to keep some for myself,

I’ll give you all of heaven.

We don’t even need it

When we are truly present.

(And we can only imagine hell).

Suddenly the lake is perfectly still

In the glowing nocturne,

And i don’t have to name the circle anymore

Because i know it’s the same light,

Both day and night.

Day and night.













To get real is to heal.

To heal is to get real.







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